Marshall Mode II vs Motif ANC

The Marshall Mode II and Marshall Motif ANC earbuds are two fantastic looking earbuds, with a different approach to true wireless earbuds!
Marshall Earbuds (Motif/Mode II):

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Marshall amps were used by a lot of the best rock bands of all time. Think Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, you get the idea
$180 vs $200
BOTH have One color
BOTH have 6mm drivers, but slightly different driver sensitivity
5 / 25 hrs with case vs 4.5/20 in ANC
BOTH have Touch controls
BOTH have Transparency mode
BOTH have Mics for phone calls
App works with ios and android
BOTH come with a nice long charging cable
4 eartip sizes vs 3 with ANC
BOTH have Wireless charging
BOTH are IPX4 earbuds, IPX5 case
BOTH have mono mode
Mode II have BT 5.1 vs 5.2
Mono mode?
Both have aptX, SBC, AAC

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