Massive Amazon Prime Day Haul Unboxing (£700+ of Tech) What did I Buy?

Sharing and unboxing my Prime day haul. I bought £719 worth of tech and payed only £374. The Prime Day deals were amazing with massive savings on nearly everything you could think of. I hope you guys made the most of it. Feel free to share what you bought in the comments below.

Get yours from:
➡️ WD Passport HDD 2TB (USB-C):
➡️ Aqua Optima Lumi Water Cooler:
➡️ Blink Video Doorbell:
➡️ Echo Show 5:
➡️ Fisher-Price Counting Koala:
➡️ Echo Show 5: Refurb:
➡️ Fire HD 8 Tablet:

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