MI BAND 7 by Xiaomi – Big Changes!! – [⌚ larger display, AOD, amazing health tracking, & more?]

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The new Mi Band 7 is the sequel to one of the best selling smart bands of all time, and yet it boasts massive improvements! This is a review of Xiaomi’s new fitness tracker.

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5ATM water resistance
Easy to replace watch straps
1.62” amoled is wider
Many watch faces
Better notifications
All day blood oxygen monitoring, and low blood O2 alerts
Workout analysis
Wider band
More sport modes
1.62” display vs 1.56” sounds negligible but it is 25% larger
500 nits vs 450
Mostly the same sensors and connectivity except BT 5.2 instead of 5.0
110 activities to track instead of 30
VO2 Max with anaerobic training notifications
Recovery time
Same charging
100+ watch faces
Can reject or silence calls
Claimed 14 day battery life
My experience with AOD on =
90% at 1:21pm
110+ sport modes
VO2 Max “professional” workout measurements
Sleep monitoring
SpO2 all day with alerts
Being larger looks nice but subtracts from the original appeal of the small discrete device
Hard to make this look premium
A little sluggish
No auto brightness
I miss the home button
Still no GPS and no NFC here in the States

0:00 The Mi Band 7: What’s new?
0:50 Physical Design
3:15 Mi Band 6 vs Mi Band 7
4:30 Interface Tour: New Software!
6:50 Zepp Life App (phone controls)
7:00 How to Find Band
7:40 Battery Life
9:00 GPS & HR Test (Accurate?)
10:30 Cons / Drawbacks / Complaints

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