MOGA XP7-X Plus Review – Android Phone to Mini XBOX Handheld Controller

The Power A Moga XP7-X Plus, converts any Android phone into a mini Xbox Handheld, taking advantage of XBOX Game pass and Xbox Cloud streaming. The Moga XP7 X Plus also features built-in wireless charging. Supports both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. Great for Android, PC, Emulation and Game streaming. This Video includes a full unboxing review with specs and gaming test on various platforms.

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– Official XBOX Licensed Controller
– Mappable Buttons
– Ergonomic Design
– Boost Mode Wireless Charging (Built in 2000mAH Battery)
– Supports Android, PC and Cloud gaming
– Comes with table top stand

00:00 Intro
00:30 Inside the box
00:55 Design
01:04 Phone Stand
01:16 Compatibile Phones
02:29 Controls & Ports
02:52 Wireless Charging
04:12 Setting Up
05:26 COD / Pub G Mobile Compatibility
05:59 Grid Motorsport – MOGA XP7-X Plus
06:13 Dead Trigger 2 – MOGA XP7-X Plus
06:29. SM vs RAW 2011 – PS2 – MOGA XP7-X Plus
06:47 SPT World Tour – PSP – MOGA XP7-X Plus
07:15 DefJam NY – PSP – MOGA XP7-X Plus
07:41 Fifa 22 – Stadia – MOGA XP7-X Plus
08:10 Mortal Kombat 11 – Stadia – MOGA XP7-X Plus
08:34 Advanced Button Mapping
10:11 AC Origins – Xbox Cloud – MOGA XP7-X Plus
10:32 Battlefield V – Xbox Cloud – MOGA XP7-X Plus
10:51 Fortnite – Xbox Cloud – MOGA XP7-X Plus
11:45 Final Thoughts

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