MOST Powerful APPLE TV 4K (3rd GEN) – Gaming | Tips & Tricks | Best Streaming Device or OVERKILL?

In this video I bring you my thoughts on the new 3rd GEN Apple TV 4K. Starting with a comparison with the 2nd GEN Apple TV 4K. Along with some tips and tricks, gaming and finishing off with my pros and cons. Should you buy the Apple TV 4K (3rd GEN).

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Apple TV 4K (3rd GEN) (2022)
* CPU: Apple A15 Bionic Hexa-core 3.23Ghz (5nm)
* GPU: Apple Quad-Core
* 64GB / 128GB
* WiFI 6 2×2 MIMO / BT 5.0
* tvOS 16
* HDMI v2.1
* Supports 4K HDR @ 60fps
* DOLBY ATMOS / DTS / 5.1 / 7.1
* Siri BT Remote (USB-C)
* H 3.5cm / W 9.8cm / D 9.8cm
* Weight: 214g

00:00 Intro
00:18 Comparison
02:46 Boot-up Speed Test
03:01 Change TV Button (Tips)
03:38 Connect PS5 Controller (Tips)
04:30 Gaming Options (Tips)
05:05 GTA V: Steam Link (Tips)
06:04 COD Mobile (Airplay)
06:42 Asphalt 8 (Gaming)
06:57 Into the Dead (Gaming)
07:07 Jetpack Joyride (Gaming)
07:20 Space Marshals 3 (Gaming)
07:34 Skyforce Reloaded (Gaming)
07:47 Rayman Adventures (Gaming)
07:58 Super Soccer 22 (Gaming)
08:12 Auto Dark Mode (Tips)
08:47 Reducing Loud Sounds (Tips)
09:25 Switching Between Apps (Tips)
09:48 Control Smart Home-Kit (Tips)
10:14 Quick Restart (Tips)
11:00 Manage Folders (Tips)
11:36 Best Settings for HDR (Tips)
12:38 Access Hidden Menu (Tips)
14:14 4K HDR Test Mode (Tips)
14:51 Airplay Security (Tips)
15:40 Pros & Cons
15:51 TV Box Chart Ranking
16:55 Final Thoughts

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