Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Review | Pixel 7 Pro Killer?

Reviewing the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, a mega-sized, super-spec flagship smartphone boasting a 200MP camera, 120W battery charging and serious gaming smarts. I’ve been testing the Moto Edge 30 Ultra as my full-time phone for over a week so here’s my final verdict, just before the Pixel 7 Pro is launched!

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This Motorola blower made headlines as the first handset with a 200MP camera, and it certainly is a capable shooter. Low light performance is particularly strong, while the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra can also handle HDR situations and capture stunning portraits. The lack of a dedicated telephoto camera is the only issue.

Performance for gaming on Genshin Impact, PubG, CODM etc is another winner. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 runs the show and you even have that Moto gaming mode to lend a hand.

Battery life is good enough for confident all day play on the Edge 30 Pro, while the 120W fast charging and wireless charge abilities can get you powered up again quickly and easily.

So is the Motorola Edge 30 Pro a worthy alternative phone to the Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung S22 Ultra etc? Well, it’s certainly a highly enjoyable option, with very few flaws.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on
0:42 – Design
2:14 – Features & OS
3:37 – Display & audio
5:33 – Performance & gaming
6:32 – Battery life
7:17 – Cameras
10:22 – Verdict

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