Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra, Z Flip 4 Killer? | TSW156

The Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra should be launching on June 1, 2023, with a Z Flip 4 killing design – a massive cover screen that fills the front end of this foldable phone. Expect the Moto RAZR 40 Ultra to be released alongside a regular RAZR 40 with a smaller display, and both smartphones to cost under £1000. Maybe.

Besides that massive panel, Motorola has also crammed in a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 and an internal 6.7-inch AMOLED screen. Those specs haven’t changed up vs the 2022 model, which is a shame – but gaming on the RAZR 40 Ultra should be smooth and satisfying, and that 144Hz display is poppy and crisp.

Battery life should be slightly better, or at least on par with the previous generation. The Motorola RAZR 40 meanwhile will possibly sport similar specs to the Ultra, but with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 style cover screen instead.

We’ll know for sure on June 1 when these Moto foldable phones are finally launched. Expect an unboxing and review soon! But what do you reckon, is the Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra a solid rival vs the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Oppo Find N2 Flip etc?

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