My New Favorite Everyday Watch⌚ (Garmin Venu 2 Plus)

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The new Garmin Venu 2 Plus may look similar to the other Venu watches, but it made a monumental difference, and because of this one upgrade, I am now able to replace my Apple watch and Galaxy Watch with the Garmin Venu 2 Plus.

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43mm body (between 40mm and 45mm models) – strangely called the plus…?
Lightweight, but high quality build, with durable resin frame & stainless steel back / bezel
Easily one of my favorite looking smartwatches to date
Anyone who says the apple watch looks better needs to reevaluate their style

Same 1.3” display as the larger Venu 2, but in a smaller body (reduced bezels)
416 x 416 px amoled display
The screen is so black, even in bright light it is hard to see where the bezel begins

Physical tour

9 day battery life (vs 10 in the Venu 2)
Still really good, and depends on AOD, GPS, etc.
20mm strap (in the middle of the other 2)
Stainless steel case design
5ATM water resistance


The same as the Garmin Venu 2 / 2S
Same HR sensor with stress, pulse OX, etc
Same GPS
Same sport modes
Same display as Venu 2
Same music support

Overall, a beautiful watch

Track basically everything, but no ECG or body composition

Local storage for spotify
Bluetooth earbud connectivity
Speaker for playing music
NFC payments (Garmin Pay)
Voice assistant (sort of) – demo
Find my phone
Quick notification replies
Emergency SOS
Gramin safety: can use microphone and speaker to contact emergency
And they get an alert with location and information – live track
Sort of an app store
Phone calling or answering

So why would I replace my apple watch and galaxy watch with this one? Well there are a few things I really like about it:

What I like:
Health centric focus with deep analytics in the Garmin app
And now, I can finally make and receive calls on my Garmin watch

Not everything is perfect though. And I can see myself potentially switching back in a few months if I feel restricted by the two main issues this watch has: app support and the interface.

Additionally, I’ll leave a link in the description, but the price might be a little aggressive, all things considered.

This is what Garmin needs to work on if they really want to compete with Galaxy watches and apple watches. As of now, this is still mostly for people who care about fitness first and other smartwatch stuff second.

Apple and Android work perfectly with this

Garmin has been crushing it with health and fitness tracking for years but they are finally trying to get into everyday wearables. One of their biggest setbacks was the lack of a microphone and speaker. This now has that, as well as a long battery, but with one missing element. The interface

0:00 My new everyday wear
0:35 Physical design
2:20 The biggest improvement
3:45 Speaker & Microphone tests
4:10 Health sensors & charging
4:50 Heart Rate & GPS accuracy
5:35 Features
6:15 The voice assistant!
7:25 Why I replaced my Galaxy Watch & Apple Watch
9:15 The 3 Main ISSUES
9:30 Interface Tour

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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