My Productivity Desk Setup (very unique)

My desk is something I have been building for nearly 10 years. It is very unique and allows me to work 15 hours in a day without getting worn out or distracted.
Check out the Accessories:
HP 975 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard:
HP 435 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse:
(sponsored by HP)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra:
HP Spectre:
MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Max:
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3:
Kyle the Roomba i7:
LG 4k monitor:
AirPods Max:
Google Pixel 6 Pro:
Apple iPhone 13 Pro:

ANKER Magsafe Stand:
ANKER Tablet Stand/Hub:
Color LED strip behind iMac:
Laptop Stand:
USB Hub:
Monitor Stand:
Under Cabinet Lights:
Blue Light Glasses:
Camera Mounts:
Leather Notebook:
Standing Mat:

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About me:

0:00 My desk is very different
0:30 A unique standing desk
2:00 The powerhouse computer
3:45 Custom organization & Accessories
6:05 My second desk (Android/Windows ecosystem)
6:22 Sponsored segment
7:40 Tablet & Laptop
9:20 My smartwatch wall
9:46 The overly functional shelf
10:17 Absolutely necessary accessories
11:15 Decorations to motivate & energize
12:00 The most important items (must have!)
13:00 My office manager

The Desk – Stand/Sit
Chair & standing pad
iMac & monitor
3D printed items
Wireless charger and lights
Plants and decorations
Laptop Stand (HP Spectre on top)
Sponsored by HP
I use the HP keyboard and mouse to connect and seamlessly switch between my HP Spectre laptop, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, and other devices I use on this desk. Great keyboard backlighting. Perfect clicky keys. For a long time, I always said my favorite laptop keyboard was on the HP spectre, and this keyboard is even better. The mouse is also light and easy to replace the battery. The keyboard and mouse feel premium while offering great features at a fair price.
Top down filming
Tablet with stand – I like having a tablet for writing, managing video scripts, etc.
Watch wall
Leather notebook
Roomba iRobot
Backup battery

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

This video was sponsored by HP. All opinions are my own. HP did not allow me to show any competitors (accessories only) in this video.

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