NEW Beats Studio Pro – I Thought They Forgot

The new Beats Studio Pro is the sequel to the Studio3 after SIX YEARS! What changed? Quite a bit actually. Let’s get into it.
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Additional Review Notes:

Multipoint connectivity for Android! Apple has their own normal switching. Not great between OS
Google FastPair and Apple native pairing as well
Three connection options
1st class bluetooth
Two wired connection options! (USB-C playback has 24 bit capabilities!)
COMFORT = pretty decent at first with the new engineered leather. New memory foam too
HOT EARS? = not really
Strong clamping force
There is no auto pause/proximity sensors??
Pretty fantastic indoors
Transparency actually sounds really good! I can hear everything around me. Traffic outside, keyboard, etc. and all with direction too

Controls are on the left ear – center/up/down
Volume is obvious
Center button = play/pause, skip forward, skip back, voice assistant
Double press power button to toggle anc/transparency
Spatial audio
There is an app but it doesn’t really do much
Claimed 80% less distortion vs Studio 3
Let’s be honest, audiophiles aren’t buying Beats. Most people buying beats are doing so because they look cool, fit well for workouts, and have good ANC.
Constellation by Dirty Heads – bright and detailed guitar better than older Beats
I end up turning up the volume more than expected
They sound like they actually have a pretty neutral balance – nice!
Not airy, much more closed
I wish they were more analytical and with more low level detail
The instrument separation is my biggest concern, a lot of sounds get jumbled together
I am happy with the general bass levels and overall balance. I think most users will really like these for workouts and such

No NFC pairing
Google FastPair
Eco friendly packaging

No water resistance rating, so I would rather not run with them in the rain but they are probably good for sweat
Ear cups are not ideal to replace but with some low key surgery, you could make it happen
If there is one thing Beats are good for, it’s working out.
The leather material is easy to clean
Buttons make for easy control even if your hands are sweaty
They stayed on my head when lifting like benching and squatting – good
They stayed on my head when running – level 2 = good
They stayed on my head while doing burpees – level 3 = good
Really good range

Great folding
Nice case, but kind of strange how it opens
I personally really like the aesthetics – brushed metal, more muted and high end colors
Battery life is decent but without auto pause, I sometimes forget they are on and the battery drains
10 min charge = 4 hrs (great for pre-flight juice ups)
Pretty decent wind reduction for ANC, but not for transparency

Maybe these should be called Beats Tempo Pro or Beats Vibe Pro or something. Studio might not be the best word for these as that implies studio grade audio quality. That is not the focus of these. These are my new favorites for working out and probably for traveling as well thanks to their impressive ANC, versatility and dual native iOS/android configuration, the nice looking design, and the secure fit. Overall I like these a lot, but you need to know what you are buying. You’ll see more quarterbacks than audiophiles wearing these.

What should I compare these to? AirPods Max? Sony XM5?

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