New Dell XPS 15 (9530) Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

Today lets open the box on the latest iteration of the long standing Dell XPS 15.

So what comes in the box and is it any good?

Lets find out!

———————What Gear I Recommend!——————————

First Mac ( M1 Mac Mini)

Best Macbook (MacBook Pro 16)

Best Travel Professional Windows Laptop (XPS 17)

Best Thunderbolt 3 Dock (cal digit TS3 Plus)

Best Beginner YouTube Camera (Sony A6100)

Best Overall YouTube Camera (Sony A7IV)

—————What Gear I Use!————————————————

Main Camera (Sony A7IV)

Main Lens (Tamron 28-75)

Secondary Lens (Tamron 17-28)

Main Computer (MacBook Pro 16)

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