NEW FITBIT INSPIRE 3 (Best Fitness Band of 2022?)

If you’re looking to get in shape, lose weight, or just want a fitbit on a budget, the brand new Fitbit Inspire 3 might be the right fitness band for you. With a new color display, HR tracking, sleep tracking, a 10 day battery life, and a proven track record of helping people get healthy, Fitbit is always an easy recommendation. But here’s the thing. Even though this is an affordable option relative to most smartwatches, it is a very competitive space.

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3 colors and lots of bands
10 day battery (I am getting about 9 honestly)
Works as a band or as a clip on your clothing
Now a color display
Now has AOD
Now a longer battery life
Now has SpO2 sensor
50m waterproof rating
Pressure button
Touch screen

20 exercises you can track (6 shortcuts on the device)
Active Zone Minutes
Big picture stress management that bakes in lots of other analytics and gives you easy to read trends
Sleep score and sleep profile
Wellbeing (tracks skin temp, blood ox, HR, HRV)
Daily rediness score
Irregular HR notifications
Female cycle tracking


Get notifications, calls, texts
SmartWake alarms
Very compatible with Apple and Android

This does have skin temperature, unlike most other bands
Works with Tile

The display is a little small and hard to see when running
Mi Band and other devices are substantially cheaper and have more apps (camera shutter, weather, etc.)
Pay wall for some analytics (daily readiness, advanced sleep analytics, wellness report, stress mgt, mindfulness sessions) – basically anything that makes this band worth more than $40
No music controls

The device itself looks nice, but dollar for dollar, it is not inherently the best value out there. This is still a great recommendation however if you are willing to get Fitbit Premium, because the fitbit software has a proven track record for helping users succeed in their goals. If you are looking to lose weight, get into shape, or just get a better handle on your health, this is a fantastic and subtle device. The app makes data easy to interpret, it gameifies the day with move reminders and animal sleep profiles, and makes your fitness journey easier to follow
Obviously not for hardcore athletes

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