NEW GALAXY BUDS 2 PRO – Samsung’s disruptive earbuds

Galaxy Buds2 Pro ?
Wow! There is so much to like about the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. These are an absolutely dominant pair of earbuds with some big improvements, while nailing all the fundamentals of good wireless earbuds.

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Additional review notes:
Easily switch between Galaxy devices – like Galaxy Watch
360 audio with head tracking – just works ok. Not something I ever use
Voice Detect
Control if single/double/triple tap is enabled, and choose for hold
Bixby wake up
Read notifications aloud (in general or by app)
Use ambient sound during calls or not
In ear detection for calls
Gaming mode
Double tap earbud edge – how is this still in Labs and neck stretch isnt?
SmartThings Find

Overall great sound with a fantastic balance
Warm and powerful bass
Sub bass is rumbly and very capable
Around 30-40Hz sounds great and bass drums are clean and powerful
Natural full sound with great balance and a fun signature that presents vocals well while delivering detailed highs and a clean strong beat in the lows.
Instrument separation and low level detail are good but not quite industry leading
Good weight with good headstage but could use a tad more depth

Slow Ready by Goose has great dynamics with pleasant vocals
Down Hill by Drake is a good example of the balance where the snaps are not sibilant as they might be with other earbuds. The whole song comes together without anything eclipsing other frequency bands.

Sometimes annoying to align in the case
15% smaller than Pros
3 colors – all matte. I like them a lot! My biggest gripe with the Pros was the mirror finish
IPX7 water resistance!
Case scratches easily, but that’s fine

Very secure and comfortable while running
Fit test – but I often wonder how bad a fit needs to be for the test to do anything

Very clean and very powerful
Capable of blocking out low frequencies well
Higher frequencies can get through


ANC is actually really good!
Bluetooth 5.3
Without ANC, you can get 29 hrs out of the battery w/case

Transparency mode is decent enough, and I can hear everything, but it still sounds a bit muffled – not convincing me there is nothing in my ear
No aptX. If you use Samsung, you get Samsung Scalable Codec, but otherwise enjoy SBC/AAC
5/18 hrs with ANC on is passable but honestly poor performance
No multipoint for other non-samsung devices

No app for apple


Before, I was unsure if these were a sequel to the GB Pro or the GB 2, and as it turns out, they are definitely a sequel to the Pros. These are the best earbuds Samsung ever made in my opinion. The matte finish, cool new features, improved sound quality make these a clear upgrade from the previous generations of Samsung earbuds, while simultaneously checking almost all the boxes for earbuds. From top notch water resistance, to future proof Blueooth 5.3, solid mics, and more. The only real downsides are the battery and lack of true multipoint. These can easy stand a chance at being the best earbuds on the market this year.

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