NEW Galaxy S23+ (Why I’m Most Excited About Samsung’s S23 Plus)

This is the new Galaxy S23+ from Samsung, and of their new flagship phone lineup, I am most excited about the plus.
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Register Repair For Windows – What Computer Registers Really Are

Register repair is a term often used to describe a process of fixing corruption that has developed inside Windows operating system registries. Actually, a register does not exist in terms of being a functioning part of Windows. So, why do we have to clean registers to make our computer run fast? This article explains.

Double Din Installation

A DIN is actually a standardized dimension of a car stereo head device. A double DIN is a conventional dimension to head device with specific distinctive dimensions. The term “DIN” was developed from the German standards group Deutsches Institut fur Normung, and also the International Standards Organization (ISO) used the term DIN to establish the conventional dimension for car stereo head device back in 1984.

Buying the Best Double Din Car Stereo Unit for You

Just like many other car and truck accessories, the choices accessible for double din stereo systems could be too much to handle for a novice buyer. Therefore, before purchasing a double din system, it will be a good idea to understand its functions and features. Obtaining the stereo functions that you’ll require, provides you with the most effective bang for your buck.

Windows Live Messenger 80040154 Error Fix

The Windows Live Messenger 80040154 error is a problem that’s caused by the “MSXML” library of Windows being corrupted – preventing the Windows Live Messenger to send the data it requires to the authentication server. We’ve found that although this file is continually causing a lot of problems for your computer, it’s actually relatively easy to fix, if you are able to re-register the files that Windows Live Messenger will use, as well as cleaning out any potential settings problems that your system may have.

Touchscreen Gloves

Many modern mobile phones and other touch screen devices (like GPS systems and tablet PC’s) feature what is known as a ‘capacitive touchscreen’. These high quality, solid glass screens look great and are extremely durable, but have one noticeable drawback – they do not work when you are wearing gloves. Therefore, it is necessary to remove your gloves every time you want to text, tweet or make a phone call in winter. That is, unless you use specially manufactured “touchscreen gloves”, which allow you to use your favourite touch screen device in freezing weather, whilst your hands stay toasty and warm.

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