NEW GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO (Samsung’s Toughest Watch, Hands Down)

This watch isn’t what you think. It may seem like a sequel to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but without the bezel. This smartwatch is actually Samsung trying something completely different.

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GPX file imports for route navigation (not exactly an easy thing to do. Others may prefer komoot)
GPS route tracking & Track back
Auto workout tracking (of course)
Bixby… let’s try asking the weather in Manayunk or Bala Cynwyd
Temperature sensor on redesigned health sensor array

One size: 45mm and it is pretty chunky aesthetically, but in actual use, it is not bad at all. I really like the size and weight of it.
Large black bezel though
The raised edge is a welcomed improvement – I destroyed my GWA2 from rock climbing
The raised bezel actually makes the digital bezel easier to use
Tougher sapphire crystal display
Titanium case
The buttons feel premium – noticeably well designed
IP68 of course
I actually really like the strap – it is very comfortable, and the magnet makes it secure and repeatable while being infinitely adjustable


Battery – is it enough to compete in this space?
From my testing, I would expect to use about 31% per day with about an hour of working out, so I could see about 3 days of use per charge – this is SUBSTANTIALLY better than the Apple watch and older Galaxy Watches

Internally, this is nearly identical to the Galaxy Watch 4 in many ways besides the added off grid features like route tracking, the longer battery life, and the redesigned health sensor array which now includes a temperature sensor. If you are really nit picking, this technically has bluetooth 5.2

Redesigned sensor is flatter for better readings
Advanced sleep coaching and improved sleep tracking UI
GPS struggles at first to find location, but then performs well
Heart recovery
Body composition


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