NEW JOBY Wavo Series Microphones – FULL MIC TEST – Affordable Content Creation!

Review and Full MIC Test of the newly launched Joby Wavo Series microphones.
Offering a good balance between affordability and quality sound.
#JobyWavoPod #JobyWavoAir #JobyWavoLAVPro.

✅ Joby Wavo Pod:
✅ Joby Wavo Air:
✅ Joby Wavo LAV Pro:

00:00 Intro (Usual Mic)
00:41 Joby Wavo Pod + Mic Test
02:55 Joby Wavo Air + Mic Test
03:59 Brief Switch back (Usual Mic)
04:45 Joby Wavo Air + Mic Test
05:51 Joby Wavo Lav Pro + Mic Test
06:35 Final Thoughts (Usual Mic)

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