NEW PIXEL WATCH by Google (In-Depth Testing!)

I was wrong about the Pixel Watch! In this video, I tested the watch thoroughly for heart rate accuracy, gps accuracy, speaker quality, microphone quality, and much more.

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This device was sent to me at no cost. This did not affect my review in any way.

Has ECG in some countries
Workouts let you lock in on GPS before starting – better than fitbit

Smooth pebble design with durable stainless steel
Stainless steel body gives the watch a premium feel
41mm body and 1.2” AMOLED display
32gb storage
5atm water resistance
You’ll probably want some case or bezel ring
Straps attach in a new way
I could see an aftermarket lug adapter being nicely

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Has Google Pay
Can choose which wrist and which side crown is on
The best software experience in any android watch, and potential to be the best ever with more app support and a few bug fixes
Bottom icon for timers or other stuff. Kinda like dynamic island
Google maps
Press crown 5 times for sos
Recent apps needs a redesign
Fast google assistant!! This used to be sooooo slow
Connects to fitbit account

I kind of miss Samsungs rotating bezel. I at least wish tiles were below and not sideways

Some mold flash or something
No auto workout detection
One day battery
No fall detection yet
No high or low HR notifications
No SPO2 yet
Only one size available

Software experience is everything here. With a redesigned WearOS 3 interface and one of the best fitness data apps (Fitbit) this watch is all about the software experience. It’s early, so we need more apps but I think we’ll get that soon

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