Nokia 8000 4K UHD TV Box – Official Android TV – Better than Xiaomi Mi Box S?

Nokia 8000 4K UHD TV Box – S905X3 – Official Android TV – Any Good?
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* CPU: S905X3 Quad-core
* GPU: Mali G31 Graphics
* Wifi 5GHZ / BT 4.2 / 100MB LAN
* Android v10
* HDMI v2.0
* Supports upto 4K 60
* 5.1 / 7.1 Surround Sound
* BT Remote

00:00 Intro
00:08 Key Features
00:33 Inside the box
00:57 Design
01:27 Specs
01:55 Boot-up Test
02:06 Android TV
02:27 System Settings
03:47 System Apps
04:14 Screen mirroring
04:26 4K Video from USB
05:16 AV1 Codec
05:25 4K Youtube
06:19 Netflix / Prime / Disney 4K
07:08 Gaming Test
07:36 System / Benchmarks
09:07 Perfomance Chart
09:50 Pros & Cons
10:45 Final Thoughts
11:12 Xiaomi Mi Box (2nd Gen)

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