Nokia G21 Speedy Unboxing | Full Tour On A Time Limit!

Unboxing the Nokia G21 budget smartphone with a full tour, including camera tests, gaming on Call of Duty Mobile, specs and more – all shot in just an hour!

You can buy the Nokia G21 in the UK for the affordable price of just £150 right now, so it’s a rival to the Moto G22, Poco M4 Pro etc. Check out my reviews of the best budget phones under £200 in 2022 for more ideas!

This smartphone’s strengths include long battery life courtesy of the 5000mAh battery and energy efficient setup. You have a stock Android One vibe, with guaranteed updates – although it’s still on Android 11. The Nokia G21 also offers expandable storage and a headphone jack.

On the flip side you have a basic HD+ IPS display, mono speaker, a simple camera which struggles to focus in ambient light, and limited performance. If you’re after a gaming machine I’d definitely say look elsewhere.

So that’s my Nokia G21 impressions, but what do you reckon? A worthy smartphone at this budget price, or forget it and go for the Poco or Moto instead?

Nokia G21 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Why do I do this to myself
0:48 – What’s in the box?
1:26 – Design
2:20 – Software & features
4:33 – Display & audio
6:58 – Performance & gaming test
8:25 – Battery
9:10 – Cameras
10:53 – Byyyeeeee

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