Nothing Ear 2 | Unboxing & Two Week Review

Reviewing the Nothing Ear 2 true wireless earbuds, a fresh upgraded pair of ANC earphones for 2023, including an unboxing so you see exactly what you get. The Nothing Ear 2 is considerably cheaper than the Apple AirPods Pro and boasts ANC unlike the Ear Stick, and are among the best buds I’ve tested recently. It’s only the sub-par battery life and a couple of early glitches that lets them down.

I’ve reviewed lots of other true wireless earbuds with ANC, check out Tech Spurt for rivals from OnePlus, Xiaomi and more! And let us know your own favourites below.

The Nothing Ear 2 offers that same styling as the Ear 1 and Stick, as well as dependable Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. The Nothing X app for Android and iPhone allows you to control features such as noise cancelling and also tests your hearing. This can then tailor the audio on these wireless earbuds so music sounds more balanced and full-bodied.

Likewise the Nothing Ear 2 ANC works well, proving just as good as rivals like the AirPods, Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus earbuds.

Nothing Ear 2 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blathering on a bit
0:30 – What’s in the box?
1:14 – Case
2:38 – Design
3:15 – Setup and connection
3:57 – Nothing X app
4:21 – Pinch controls
6:07 – Hearing test
6:59 – Audio quality
8:05 – Noise cancelling
9:04 – Settings
9:29 – Mic test
10:01 – Battery life
10:49 – Verdict

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