Nothing OS 1.5 Beta Review | Android 13 on Nothing Phone!

Reviewing the Nothing OS 1.5 beta, based on Android 13, which is rolling out to Nothing Phone 1 in early 2023. Here’s the best new features bunged into the OS version 1.5 beta, including that new Nothing weather app and various Android 13 updates.

This headline-grabbing pilot smartphone is one of my favourite mobiles of the year, offering strong value for money and a mostly stock software experience (with that dot matrix twist). Now we have Nothing OS 1.5 which upgrades the Phone 1 to the latest Google setup, complete with a fresh weather app rocking the same unique visuals. This hands-on review shows off that app as well as the best features and updates added to this smartphone by OS 1.5.

Have you been using the Nothing Phone 1 and what are your thoughts? Check out my one month verdict, and you’ll see this blower in my round up of the best mid-range handsets of the year so far – it’s still one of the top options for 2023!

Nothing OS 1.5 Beta Chapters:
0:00 – Waffle
0:30 – Weather app
2:05 – Other features
4:30 – Byyyeeeeee

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