Nothing OS 2.0 Tips & Best Features | First 10 Things to do with Nothing Phone 2

So Nothing OS 2.0 is here on the Nothing Phone 2 (and soon the original phone), offering many updates including some fresh Glyph Lighting features. This tips and tricks guide shows off some of the best new bits in Nothing OS 2.0, including improvements to the widgets, folders, lock screen and more. When you setup your Nothing Phone 2, here’s the first 10 features you need to check out!

Have a watch of my unboxing of this fresh 2023 smartphone right now – full review and comparison vs the first handset are coming Thursday!

One of the major updates to Nothing OS 2.0 is the Glyph functionality. That disco arse can now be customised, to manually tweak the brightness – while you now have added features like the Glyph timer. However, it’s the Composer tool that’s bound to get the most attention. With this you can compose your own Nothing Phone 2 notification alerts and ringtones.

Nothing OS 2.0 once again allows you to personalise those desktops, now with a distinctive monochrome design. You can choose from Nothing’s own wallpapers or add your own, while you now have improved widget and folder functionality. And the Nothing Phone 2 lock screen is also more customisable than the original – until that too gets OS version 2.

Nothing OS 2.0 Tips & Best Features Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:38 – Nothing OS 2 UI
1:24 – Widgets
2:09 – Folders
3:27 – Lock screen & AOD
4:07 – Glyph customisation
4:49 – Flip to Glyph
5:12 – Glyph timer & progress
5:52 – Notification sounds
6:14 – Glyph Composer
7:39 – Desktop customisation & wallpaper
8:17 – Gestures
8:50 – Byyyyyeeeeee

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