Nothing Phone (1) – Best Mid-range Smartphone Under £400? – Detailed Hands-ON Walk-through!

Detailed walk-through video of the Nothing Phone (1) smartphone, covering specs, Glyph Interface and ringtones, custom ringtones and full camera walkthrough, camera samples, COD Mobile gaming test, benchmarks and lots more.

✅ Nothing Official:

6.55″ 120Hz OLED Display
HDR10+ / Gorilla Glass 5
1200 nits Peak
Snapdragon 778G+
8GB RAM + 128GB UFS 3.1
Glyph Interface
Dual 50MP Cameras
Nothing OS/Android 12
4500mAh Battery
33W Fast Charging
15W Wireless / 5W Reverse
Stereo Speakers
IP53 Rating (Splash)
3 Years Android Updates

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Unboxing the Phone 1
01:56 Design & Build
03:13 Cameras
03:34 Full Specs (On-screen)
05:54 IP53 Rating
06:48 Camera Walkthrough
10:00 Video/Photo Samples
12:20 Glyph Interface Walkthrough
12:36 Glyph Ringtones
13:14 Custom Glyph Ringtones
15:52 COD Mobile Graphics / Gameplay
18:04 DRMs/Benchmarks
18:58 Final Thoughts

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