Nothing Phone 1 | Camera Review, Gaming, Battery Life & Everything You Need To Know!

Reviewing the Nothing Phone 1, including an unboxing, full camera verdict, gaming tests with CODM and Genshin Impact and beyond. The Nothing Phone 1 is battling with the best mid-range smartphones of 2022 like the Pixel 6a and Samsung A53, so should you buy this first-gen device with its funky Glyph lighting? Well, there’s a lot to like here, but you’ll have to endure some rough edges.

On the plus side, Sony’s IMX766 camera sensor is as dependable as ever here. I found the Nothing Phone was good for shooting photos almost any time of day, with respectable ultra-wide and selfie snappers also on board. That primary camera can also record 4K video, although with warm, warped results.

Performance is also a winner thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset. Gaming wasn’t an issue on the Nothing Phone 1, with PubG and other lighter titles running well – and even Genshin Impact maintained a smooth frame rate for the majority of play time.

It’s not all roses and wine however. Battery life for one isn’t as good as many rivals. The Nothing Phone will only last a day if you’re careful, topping off at just over five hours of screen on time. The Nothing Launcher OS is also still clearly in its early life, with dodgy face recognition, lacklustre widgets etc.

So what do you think? Tempted by Carl Pei’s first smartphone? Let us know your own verdict down below! And my reviews of the best mid-range smartphones are right here on Tech Spurt.

Nothing Phone 1 Chapters:
0:00 – Disco time!
0:52 – Unboxing
1:30 – Design
3:49 – Nothing OS Launcher
6:36 – Glyph review
8:58 – Features
10:02 – Display & audio
11:47 – Performance & gaming
13:39 – Battery life
15:27 – Cameras
19:17 – Verdict

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