Nothing Phone (1) Month Later | It’s so much better!

Reviewing the Nothing Phone 1 a whole month post-launch, after various camera, battery life and UI updates. The Nothing Phone was a buggy mess at release, but now the experience has been much improved – making it one of the better mid-range smartphones of 2022. That is, if you don’t mind the chunky design and don’t want the greatest camera handset (the Pixel 6a).

While Google’s mobile offers a better overall experience, in a more compact form, the Nothing Phone 1 has a couple of advantages. For one there’s that wireless battery charging, a rarity at this £399 UK price point. Also that Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset is a cracker for gaming, so you can blast through Genshin Impact, PubG, CODM and anything else you fancy.

The Nothing Phone 1 sports the same Sony camera sensor as competitors like the OnePlus Nord 2T, and this is good for everyday snaps. Low light is its main nemesis, but it copes well with HDR and the video capture has improved post-update. However, while the Nothing Launcher is a lot less buggy now, you’ll still get occasional jank – like the iffy face recognition.

No real complaints on the media front, although the screen auto brightness is still borked. The Nothing Phone 1’s audio and visual chops are as good as many rivals.

That’s my one month review of this unique and respectable mid-range smartphone. Check out my comparison vs the Pixel 6a and Samsung A53 5G for more, and let us know your own impressions below!

Nothing Phone 1 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Disco arse
0:41 – Nothing Launcher post-updates
3:06 – Design
4:28 – Glyph lights
5:29 – Display & audio
6:17 – Performance & gaming
7:05 – Battery life
8:07 – Cameras
10:49 – Verdict

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