Nothing Phone 2 Hands-On (in one minute) #Shorts

Nothing Phone 2 has launched, and my unboxing is live now, ahead of my full review. With its upgraded camera, boosted gaming performance, bigger battery and tasty specs, the Nothing Phone 2 is a more premium smartphone – but also more expensive in the UK. That £579 asking price may put many off, but there’s always the Nothing Phone 1.

Are Engineers Scientists?

Who are the real scientists of this world? They are not the academics who work solely in the theoretical arena. The real scientist are engineers who take tested and validated ideas and transform them into realities that drive the technological progress of the world. Did an academic ever build a mega-dam and power plant? Did an academic ever build a flying object like a passenger airplane? Did they ever build a satellite. Did they ever launch satellite communications system? A digital television receiver? A DVD player? The engineer is the real hero and the only real scientists on this mother ship we call “earth”.

Guide to Buy a Digital Camera

There are many reasons for why it is wise to purchase a digital camera, there are also many considerations you must take the time to acquire. We share with you a brief guide to not get lost in the maze of brands, prices and megapixels.

Bicycle Computers to Measure Training Performance

Riding a bike surely is exciting, for some people cycling can be an alternative sport to maintain fitness performance and gaining excellent health condition, bicycling is also considered as one of the sports that does not require much money to invest in, all we need is a bike and strong motivation to improve our health. Should you want to overview your performance there are many affordable gadget available in the market that offer various computerized reliable data to help you measure your performance.

Backing Up Your Work And Files – Ways To Back Up Your Work Successfully

With technology improving and more us lacking the time to really focus on backing up our work and vital documents, it really is easy to forget how important making a back up of all the things that you have worked on your computer is. Sadly, the only time people really do learn this lesson is when their computer fails to boot up and they lose everything they have been working on and all of their photos of family and loved ones.

How to Make a Movie Using Your Computer

Are you like most people who have a great video camera but don’t do enough with it? This month’s project may turn you into the next Spielberg – making your own home movie. Better still, you can be your own home computer support and media expert.

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