Nothing Phone 2 Unboxing & Full Tour | Serious Upgrade!

Unboxing the Nothing Phone 2, an upgraded smartphone boasting fresh camera hardware and boosted specs vs the original handset. However, the Nothing Phone 2 will also cost you more in the UK, starting from £579 – and here’s a full tour ahead of my review, showing off those fresh features.

This 2023 model isn’t just more expensive, it’s also bigger at 6.7-inches, with a redesigned Glyph lighting rig. In Nothing OS 2.0 you’ll find lots of new tools to make use of the disco back, plus a fresh new monotone setup. The Nothing Phone 2 is fun to use, and you can see more on the software in my tips and tricks guide.

That camera now rocks an IMX890 sensor, same as the OnePlus Nord 3, with improved HDR abilities and boosted video recording. Gamers will appreciate the extra grunt too, courtesy of the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. A chipset we’ve known would be stuffed inside of the Nothing Phone 2 for some time now.

My review will reveal more on that smartphone’s performance as well as the battery life and camera action. That’s coming on Thursday, but for now here’s a full hands-on with this impressive mobile, certainly one of the more unique smartphones of 2023. And come back for a proper Nothing Phone 2 vs Phone 1 comparison, where we’ll dissect that camera tech, gaming chops and more!

Nothing Phone 2 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – How much?
0:57 – What’s in the box?
1:50 – Design
4:36 – Nothing OS 2.0 & features
7:06 – Display & audio
8:22 – Performance
9:05 – Battery
9:45 – Cameras
11:39 – Byyyeeeeee

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