OMEN 16 by HP Gaming Laptop | Surprisingly Affordable Beefcake

The OMEN 16 by HP is one of the most affordable-yet-powerful gaming laptops in 2022, boasting a 165Hz QHD display, AMD Ryzen 7 performance and Radeon RX 6600M graphics. Certainly some of the best specs from a gamer notebook at this price point right now. Here’s a hands-on run through and benchmarking of the OMEN 16 laptop, and thanks to Omen for sponsoring!

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One of the highlights of this 16-inch beast is certainly that IPS screen, which delivers Quad HD visuals at up to 165 frames per second. Combined with that slick performance, games like Doom Eternal, Forza and Back 4 Blood run beautifully and look stunning on the OMEN 16. The latest 2022 titles should continue to play on ultra detail settings, no worries.

You also have strong connectivity, the OMEN Gaming Hub for total control and monitoring, and a 512GB SSD for storing your apps and media.

OMEN 16 by HP Chapters:
0:00 – Intro & unboxing
0:53 – Design
1:27 – Connectivity
1:54 – Keyboard
2:35 – Display & audio
3:44 – Performance & gaming
5:13 – Benchmarks
5:43 – Battery life & bye bye

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