OnePlus 10R vs 10T | Unboxing & Comparison

Unboxing the OnePlus 10R with a side-by-side comparison vs the OnePlus 10T, to see how the camera, gaming performance and specs stack up. The OnePlus 10R is a more affordable flagship alternative, boasting Mediatek’s excellent Dimensity 8100 Max SoC – versus the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 in the OnePlus 10T.

Despite the specifications alteration, both phones will please game fans. Genshin Impact is a smooth experience even on higher graphics settings, while the OnePlus 10R sports the same gaming mode as the 10T.

That camera tech remains the same, so both smartphones can capture attractive everyday pics and 4K video. The Sony IMX766 sensor with OIS is dependable across all kinds of conditions.

The OnePlus 10R is also a capable media machine just like the 10T. You have a crisp OLED screen, plus a decent enough stereo speaker setup and effective Bluetooth connectivity. Battery tech is more complicated however, as the black 10R model sports a smaller 4500mAh capacity but faster 150W charging, vs the 5000mAh 80W green version. Meanwhile the OnePlus 10T has a 4800mAh battery, with the 150W charging support.

OnePlus 10R Unboxing vs 10T Chapters:
0:00 – Blather
0:36 – What’s in the box?
1:27 – Design
2:55 – Oxygen OS & features
4:40 – Display & audio
6:05 – Performance & gaming
8:05 – Battery
8:52 – Cameras

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