OnePlus 11 Concept – Jazzy Phone Cooling Tech! #Shorts

The OnePlus 11 Concept Phone boasts a new innovative active cooling system, which we’ll hopefully see on the OnePlus 12! Full hands-on here on Tech Spurt!

Six Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About the iPhone

I have a few favorite iPhone tips and tricks up my sleeve that some people don’t know about. I have six actually. My personal favourite is the application hContacts. With this application, I can get instant access to all my business contacts on my phone, yet keep them separated from my personal iPhone contact list.

Five Ways to Get Your iPhone Totally Organized

The very first recommendation I would give to all iPhone would be to categorize your apps. This can be done very easily by dragging one app into another. Once this you have combined the apps into one group, you will be able to make a title for the category (e.g. Games). I have found that following this process makes my apps easier to find, and less frustrating to sort through.

Get Support From Mac Forums for Apple Products

If you on work on Mac, you can find some useful information about it in their forum. To know more about Mac, including its troubleshooting issues, do read this article.

The Samsung Galaxy Is On Excellent And Versatile Tablet PC

Some have argued that the Samsung Galaxy could be a serious competitor to the Apple iPad. After using one and seeing what it does, I would have to say, that this argument does have merit. Although it is smaller in size and has a 7-inch TFT screen, it packs a serious punch with its 1-gigahertz processor and the multitude of things that you can do with.

Benefits to Attorneys and Law Firms in Technology and Computer Training

Computers are more important to lawyers than ever before. To stay competitive, attorneys and their staff must be current on how to use the latest technology, including word processing software, to its full extent.

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