OnePlus Nord Buds Review | Impressive Budget True Wireless Earbuds

Reviewing the OnePlus Nord Buds, a pair of budget-friendly True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) costing £49 in the UK. These Bluetooth earphones are around the best in 2022 at this price for audio quality and battery life. However, the OnePlus Nord Buds aren’t quite ideal, as they don’t offer any real noise isolation or cancellation. So if you travel or are outdoors a lot, you may need to look for a different True Wireless solution.

Music sounds great thanks to the titanium drivers, which were also found in the Pro buds. I found the touch controls work well and you can customise these, to some degree, via your OnePlus phone or the HeyMelody app. The design of the Nord Buds is solid enough too, comfortable enough for all day play while the water/sweat resistance is perfect for working out (or living in the UK).

However, while the lack of any kind of ANC isn’t a shock at this budget price, the OnePlus Nord Buds don’t help to isolate you from outside interference either. And call quality is also somewhat lacking.

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OnePlus Nord Buds Review Chapters:
0:00 – Well hello there
0:46 – Design
2:02 – Setup & pairing
2:49 – Controls
4:16 – Noise isolation
5:43 – Audio quality
6:47 – Call/mic quality
7:15 – Battery life
8:23 – Verdict

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