OnePlus Pad | Unboxing & Review

Unboxing the OnePlus Pad with an early review of the performance, battery life and features of this first-gen tablet. The OnePlus Pad is a premium device like the iPad Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, with an 11.6-inch Dolby Vision display, quad speaker setup and Dimensity 9000 power. It’ll do everything you want and the UK asking price is £449 (499 in Euros).

That Mediatek chipset happily handles side-by-side multi-tasking on the OnePlus Pad. This tablet can run three apps on screen simultaneously, with others working away in the background. You can even do some gaming on the likes of Genshin Impact, with a decent performance even on higher detail settings.

The OnePlus Pad also offers a crisp IPS screen with 144Hz refresh, plus beefy speakers that are ideal for watching video in a noisy household. There’s no expandable storage or LTE/5G support however, while accessories like the keyboard cover and Stylo stylus will cost you extra.

So are you tempted by the OnePlus Pad, or will you wait for the next gen tablet? Or grab a rival like the Pixel Tablet instead? Let us know below!

OnePlus Pad Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Another cracking unboxing
0:32 – What’s in the box?
0:55 – Design
2:16 – Oxygen OS 13 & features
4:20 – Keyboard cover
5:35 – Stylo
6:05 – Display & audio
8:07 – Cameras
8:54 – Performance & gaming
10:17 – Battery life
11:01 – Verdict

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