Onyx Boox Tab Ultra | The Android E-Ink Tablet/Laptop!

Unboxing the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra, with a hands-on review of this e-ink Android tablet convertible. It’s an eReader style alternative to the iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro etc, but the Boox Tab Ultra is similarly expensive – so is this tablet/laptop worth it?

Well, the e-ink display certainly offers a different and remarkable experience, especially for sketching and annotating with the bundled stylus. Onyx’s device is great for creative types, offering a paper-like feedback when pen meets screen. The Boox Tab Ultra also runs Android so you’ve got full Google Play access, while the e-ink panel means great battery life.

That said, it is old Android 11, which is less than ideal. And of course despite the different screen refresh options, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra isn’t designed to watch video or play games. It’s best used as a smart convertible eReader with a keyboard accessory for email, writing, etc.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Chapters:
0:00 – The e-paper Android tablet slash PC
0:29 – What’s in the box?
1:01 – Design
2:27 – Setup & UI
4:31 – Apps
5:02 – Fingerprint sensor
5:38 – Stylus pen
6:35 – Keyboard
8:07 – Display & audio
9:44 – Performance
10:23 – Battery life
10:50 – Camera
11:13 – Byyyeeeeee

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