Oppo Find X6 Pro vs Oppo Find X6 | TSW148

The Oppo Find X6 Pro and its regular sibling launched in China this week and here’s a run-through of the camera tech, battery specs and other bits – showing how the standard Oppo Find X6 compares vs that Pro model. Here’s hoping the global launch happens soon, so the UK is graced with this lovely pair.

That was just one of many phone events this week, with Xiaomi also unveiling its fresh Redmi Note 12 series of phones. The Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus 5G is the most premium model, boasting a 200MP camera, slick performance, 120W battery charging – it’s more flagship than the Oppo Find X6 Pro in some regards, although not as nippy.

Huawei was another one to launch their latest shiny smartphones in China, again no word on a UK release just yet. Here’s hoping that both the Oppo Find X6 Pro and the Huawei P60 series make it over here in 2023.

Oh, and Amazon launched some TVs and Nothing did some earbuds and oh god leave me alone I just need to drink and have a cry

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep148 Chapters:
0:00 – Not. Coping.
0:33 – Oppo Find X6 Pro vs Find X6
2:17 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Series
3:43 – Nothing Ear 2
4:10 – Amazon Fire TV
5:47 – Infinix 260W fast charging
7:49 – Huawei did a launch too
8:35 – Viewer comments
17:59 – Next week

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