Optimus Prime Elite Core Edition | Unboxing a 16-inch Robot Transformer!

Unboxing Robosen’s Optimus Prime Elite Core Edition, a 16-inch robot Transformer refreshed for 2023 with more compact design and full app support. The Elite Core Optimus Prime is made from over 5000 pieces, boasts over 150 original sounds and actions and voice work from Peter Cullen! 1980s Transformers fans will adore Robosen’s robot, although the £700 asking price will be beyond many!

Compared with the original Optimus Prime bot, this 16-inch Elite edition is more compact and lighter (although still a beast). You have 27 servo motors again, powered by 58 separate microchips – and the robot is fully programmable via the Android/iOS app.

Elite Core Optimus Prime can be directly controlled via the app or also responds to 39 voice commands. This unboxing and review shows the contents of the box, and tours some of the best features and actions that Robosen programmed in. For fans of the original cartoon, it’s a hugely enjoyable blast of nostalgia. Right in your FACE.

Robosen Optimus Prime Elite Core Edition Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Member this?
0:46 – What’s in the box?
1:48 – Transform!
2:32 – Design
3:27 – Actions & voice control
5:25 – Accessories (blaster & axe)
6:15 – Robosen app
8:22 – Battery life

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