OxygenOS 13 Deep Dive | Rollout, Best Features & Beyond

OnePlus’ Oxygen OS 13 is rolling out to select smartphones right now, with the OnePlus 10T and 10 Pro plus older phones on the upgrade list. Here’s a tour of the best new OxygenOS 13 features, which mobiles are getting it, and we hear from the OP software engineers on their favourite new bits and version 13.1.

Updates include all-new Always On Display options, which demonstrate the impact of climate change and also add in Spotify support. Customisation settings have also improved in OxygenOS 13, while the Aquamorphic design for apps is peaceful and relaxing.

OnePlus still collaborate closely with the fans, and that was still a major part of the process for this latest version. Gary and Crayon take us through some of the decisions they made when crafting Oxygen OS version 13, including their pick of the best tools and new bits that made the final cut.

Rollout is already underway, and even the more budget-friendly Nord phones are getting an update – so hopefully yours should be arriving soon. Thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring this video!

Oxygen OS 13 Deep Dive Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:40 – Rollout phones
1:01 – Aquamorphic design
2:34 – Always on Display
5:35 – Privacy & Security
6:24 – Behind the scenes

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