PIXEL 7A vs GALAXY A54 – Tested & Compared!

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The Google Pixel 7A and Samsung Galaxy A54 battle it out for the Best Midrange Phone of 2023! Which is the superior choice?

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Additional review notes:
So the Pixel 7A has been getting a lot of hype being the sequel to pretty much the best midrange phone last year, the 6A.

P7A is not the only A phone you need to consider. You didn’t think Samsung would miss out on this party, did you? Samsung launched their midrange just a few weeks ago, the A54

Competes with flagships for half the price

$449 vs $499

They offer a lot for that money, but they do so in very different ways

So let’s take a deeper look at the two best midrange phones of 2023. Now I say best midrange, but really, they are the best smart purchases

Both IP67
A54 is taller, slimmer, and heavier
A54 has plastic frame and glass front/back
P7A has aluminum frame & plastic back
Both glossy
4 colors each
A54 has SD card slot
Pixel has wireless charging

6.1” vs 6.4”
90Hz vs adaptive 120
Similar peak brightness


Nobody comes close to samsung with displays, but if there’s one thing pixels do well

Should we even talk about megapixels?
A54 has 3 vs 2
Pixel vs A54
64MP vs 50MP
13MP ultrawide vs 12MP
Nice empty space vs 5MP macro
13MP selfie vs 32MP

App open test
Pixel chip is much more powerful
Same as P7Pro
8 vs 6/8gb ram
128 vs 128/256gb

A54 should have a longer battery life

A54 gets 4 android versions, P7A gets 3
Both get 5 yrs of security updates

No bloatware, light pixel interface, great pixel features for calling, great camera system, faster chip, wireless charging. Basically the Pixel 7.
A54 has better display, longevity, battery life, premium glass back, and samsung features

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