Pixel Buds Pro Review | Best New True Wireless Earbuds?

Reviewing Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, some premium True Wireless Earbuds fresh for 2022 boasting ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), dedicated Google Assistant support and slick design. I’ve been testing the Pixel Buds Pro as my full-time Bluetooth earphones for a few days so here’s my early verdict. Check out my coverage of other 2022 TWS to see what else is about!

Compared with the A-Series True Wireless Earbuds, you’ve got several upgrades to help justify that high price (£179 here in the UK). The Pixel Buds Pro offer full noise cancellation (not the adaptive variety), plus extended battery life – up to seven hours of use per charge. That design is excellent, too. Google has slimmed these things down with a perfect fit, so they’re comfortable to wear all afternoon.

The Pixel Buds Pro don’t support many codecs vs other premium 2022 rivals, but audio quality is still decent. And while the ANC isn’t the best around either, it’s good enough to dampen down surrounding noise when needed.

So what do you reckon of Google’s new true wireless earbuds? Tempted over the cheaper A-Series, or looking elsewhere? Let us know below!

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Waffle
0:41 – Design
2:41 – Setup
3:26 – Controls
4:35 – Google Assistant
5:18 – ANC
6:06 – Audio
7:09 – Mic test
7:34 – Battery life

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