PIXEL BUDS PRO vs GALAXY BUDS PRO (Tested & Compared!)

GALAXY BUDS PRO ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/GalaxyBudsPro
PIXEL BUDS PRO ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Pixel-Buds-Pro
The new Google Pixel Buds Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are two great choices when it comes to wireless earbuds for android users, but which are actually better? This video is an in-depth comparison.

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Pixel Buds Pro have multipoint connectivity
Both have find my buds, google fast pair, etc
Pixel Buds pro have better voice assistant integration, unless you really like Bixby

IPX7 vs IPX4 (but PB case is IPX2)
Both have wireless charging, mono mode, bluetooth 5.0
Aesthetics – Pixel Buds Win
Battery life – 11/31 vs 8/28
Comfort – orienting is tricky, but comfortable. Pixel Buds Pro have pressure relief
This is subjective. I think I like PB better
Pixel buds have touch controls, but also swipe controls
Tap and hold to hear notifications


Hungersite by Goose has great detail in the intro percussion
Warm and detailed acoustic guitar in the intro as well
Clean and full sound when the full band enters
Better instrument separation and a more accurate and natural representation
Fun and lively, with a fair amount of detail

Pixel Buds are warm and dark, with an emphasis on snares. EQ could help this.
The bass is tight, punchy, and pretty capable
Lacks detail and sounds more distant than Galaxy Buds Pro
Congestion and blurring of similar sounds like cymbals
Lots of energy though

Conclusion: Galaxy Buds Pro have more detail and are more balanced with better sound overall

Intelligent ANC on Galaxy Buds
Blocks to about volume 22, but there is white noise so it;s hard to tell
Galaxy Buds Pro have way less white noise (basically none)
Galaxy Buds Pro block to level 27 before it is louder than my breathing
Engine sounds were 18/20 with GB winning that as well (I think they improved since launch)

$199 for Pixel Buds Pro
$199 for Galaxy Buds Pro, but usually on sale for a bit less

So my choice: If the Galaxy buds are on sale, they are a clear choice. At the same price, I would say get the Galaxy Buds if you love audio and ANC, and get the Pixel buds for any other reason, including features and aesthetic

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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