Pixel Watch – Brutally Honest Smartwatch Review – Must watch before you Buy?

Detailed review of the new Pixel watch. A brand new smartwatch running the latest WearOS 3.5 with Fitbit software for fitness. The Pixel watch is powered by a Samsung chipset and features Optical HR sensor, sleep monitoring, auto-workout detection, BT calls and lots more.

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Pixel Watch (41mm)
* 1.10” AMOLED Display
* Always-On / 1000nits
* Gorilla Glass 5
* Case: Stainless Steel (80% Recycled)
* CPU: Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.1Ghz
* 2Ghz Wifi / Bluetooth 5.0 / NFC
* Wear OS 3.5
* Optical Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen,
* Compass, Altimeter, Accelerometer,
* Gyroscope, Multipurpose electrical sensor,
* Ambient light sensor / Fall detection(Soon)
* Sleep Monitoring
* Supports BT Calls
* 290mAh Battery (24Hours)
* Fast Charge (80mins = 100%)
* Wireless Charger
* Propriety Straps
* 5ATM
* 41mm / 12.3mm / 60g (With Straps)

00:00 Intro
00:39 Inside the box
00:48 Pricing
01:10 Design
01:26 Health Sensors
02:04 Dimensions
02:17 AMOLED Display
03:30 Pixel Watch vs GW5 (Design)
04:02 Removable Straps
05:32 Battery Life / Usage
06:40 Always-On Display
06:51 Samsung Chipset
08:10 Buttons/Crown
08:48 Wear OS 3.5
09:12 Android & iOS
09:34 BT Calls
10:48 Notification Replies
12:16 Smartphone APPS
13:12 Pixel Watch Faces (Default)
14:41 Working Features
15:13 Waterproof?
16:53 MIL-STD?
17:10 Features Walkthrough
19:45 Medical Grade HR Test
20:19 Final Thoughts
22:00 Smartwatch Ranking Chart
22:42 Conclusion

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