Pixel Watch vs Galaxy Watch 5 (Tested and Compared)

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The Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5 were two of the most anticipated android smartwatches this year, but which is actually better? I was surprised.

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Galaxy watch has 2 sizes
Galaxy watch allows for standard 20mm watch straps (sort of)
Galaxy watch has digital bezel, but no rotating crown
Which is better?
Galaxy watch has more protected edge on display
Galaxy watch is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel

Display is a similar size – 1.2” for smaller GW/PW, and 1.4” for large GW
Samsung has more durable display glass
Pixel watch bezel is less visible
Both very bright AMOLED, but perhaps more glare on the Pixel?

Both have ECG, SpO2, HR, etc.
Samsung adds body composition measurements
Fitbit daily readiness score – but you need to pay for fitbit premium
Galaxy watch has auto workout tracking


Galaxy has body composition
Pixel has Google assistant thoroughly integrated
Galaxy sort of has skin temperature abilities
Galaxy has wrist gestures to dismiss calls and launch apps
Galaxy allows you to customize multiple data screens while running – Pixel only one
Galaxy has advanced run coach built in – without any paywall
Auto workout detection

Google Pixel app vs Galaxy Wearable app
Samsung Health vs Fitbit
Step asymmetry, etc. = samsung is more detailed
Fitbit makes it a game and gives animal sleep profiles, etc

32GB storage on Pixel vs 16
2GB RAM vs 1.5 (Pixel wins)
Both have bluetooth – 5.0 Pixel, 5.2 Galaxy, LTE optional, wifi, NFC
Default is Google Pay on Pixel Watch


Fitbit on board – better for weight loss
Galaxy Health is better for more advanced workouts and athletes

more premium metal on the pixel, but a tougher display and more protection on the Galaxy

Deeper Google integration on the Pixel, but deep Samsung integration on Galaxy

Galaxy has standard straps, digital bezel, lots of hidden features, and a lower price with no paywalls

$349 vs $280

If you are a value hunter, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a no brainer, but the Google experience can be hard to quantify and I wouldn’t underestimate the Pixel Watch experience.

This Pixel watch was sent to me at no cost. This did not affect my review in any way.
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