Poco F4 Unboxing & Full Tour | What’s New Vs Poco F3 and F4 GT?

Unboxing the Poco F4 5G, a mid-range smartphone boasting upgraded camera tech and respectable specs (completely different vs the F4 GT). But is the Poco F4 a worthy F3 successor and one of the best value flagship phones of 2022? Ahead of my full review here’s a tour of the Xiaomi MiUI 13 features, full gaming test, camera samples and more!

At first glance, not too much has changed compared with last year’s model. Performance is provided by the Snapdragon 870 again, which can cope with demanding Android games like Genshin Impact and adds 5G support. The Poco F4 once again rocks an OLED screen and the stereo speaker output is better, while the primary camera sensor has been upgraded. But is it actually better? Check back for that in-depth review, coming next week.

The rest of the specs aren’t too surprising, but respectable for a mid-range mobile. You’ve got no headphone jack or microSD support sadly, but the Xiaomi MiUI setup means lots of extra features. Battery life seems dependable so far, while the camera can handle most conditions except for serious low light. I’ll be testing that out over the next few days to see how good the photo and video results really are!

So what do you reckon, is the Poco F4 5G a decent upgrade?

Poco F4 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Well hello there
0:47 – What’s in the (battered) box?
1:17 – Design
2:54 – MiUI 13 & features
5:11 – Display & audio
7:23 – Performance & gaming test
9:32 – Battery
10:18 – Cameras
12:24 – Sign off before I melt to death

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