Poco F5 Unboxing Vs F5 Pro | Gaming, Camera & Beyond!

Unboxing the Poco F5 from Xiaomi, with a full comparison vs the F5 Pro for gaming, camera performance & specs. The Poco F5 boasts some clever tech and sleek design, but is it one of the best mid-range smartphones right now? Or should you upgrade to the Poco F5 Pro?

Check out my review of its more expensive sibling right here on Tech Spurt!

These two 2023 phones may look remarkably different, but they do share the same DNA. For one, the camera tech is basically identical, although the regular Poco F5 maxes out at 4K video and you don’t get the same focus action. Both can spaff out good looking photos and video in all but the lowest light.

While the regular Poco F5 is powered by the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2, the Pro packs in an 8 Plus Gen 1. Regardless, these smartphones both offer a smooth gaming experience with Genshin Impact and other Android titles. Complete with that MiUI gaming mode, which serves up performance modes and other handy tools.

The Poco F5 boasts other advantages vs the Pro, including a headphone jack and a snazzy design. UK price and release date info coming when it’s announced!

Poco F5 Unboxing vs Poco F5 Pro Chapters:
0:00 – Pointless chatter
0:22 – What’s in the box?
0:43 – Design
2:17 – MiUI & features
3:58 – Display & audio
6:35 – Performance & gaming
8:51 – Battery life
9:42 – Cameras
12:43 – Byyyyeeeeeee

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