REALME 4K TV Stick Review – Official ATV – Netflix 4K – S905Y4 – Under £50 – Any Good?

Reviewing the Realme 4K Smart TV Stick – Featuring Official Google TV, certified Netflix 4K and lots more – including specs, features and testing 4K, streaming, gaming, benchmarks and lots more.

Realme 4K TV Stick
✅ Realme 4K TV Stick:
✅ Realme 1080p TV Stick:

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Realme 4K TV Stick Specs:
* S905Y4 Quad-core 2.0Ghz
* GPU: Mali G31
* 5Ghz Wifi / BT 5.0
* Official ATV (v11 Google TV)
* Google Assistant / Chromecast
* HDMI v2.1
* Supports 4K 60fps / HDR10+
* Supports AV1 Codec
* Supports 5.1 / Dolby ATMOS
* BT Voice Remote

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Price
00:45 FHD TV Stick
01:06 Inside the Box
01:31 Full Specs (On-screen)
02:10 Design
02:34 Boot-up Speed Test
02:52 Google TV OS
03:33 Main Settings
05:09 Chromecast Test
05:36 System Apps
06:12 YouTube 4K Test
07:32 4K Netflix / Prime / Disney / Apple
08:22 Remote Voice Search Test
09:02 Side-loading Apps
09:19 Gaming Test
11:43 DRM, Benchmarks
12:41 Chart Ranking
13:09 Pros & Cons / Final Thoughts

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