Realme C35 vs C31 | Unboxing & Comparison

Unboxing the Realme C31 and Realme C35 budget smartphones, including a comparison of the camera tech, gaming smarts, battery life and specs. Are these affordable phones two of the best at this price? Our Realme C35 vs C31 hands-on review shows these budget blowers in action.

In the UK, the difference between these mobiles is just £20 yet there’s plenty of difference. For one, the Realme C31’s 720p display is less sharp, bright and capable than the C35. You also get half the storage, and different camera hardware. That 13MP shooter is actually better in strong light vs the 50MP sensor of the more expensive handset though!

We wouldn’t recommend either phone for gaming, on PubG and other Android titles that require fast reactions. However battery life is solid on the Realme C35 and the Realme C31.

So are you tempted by either budget smartphone? Let us know your thoughts below and check out our other reviews!

Realme C31 vs C35 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Chatty bit
0:45 – What’s in the box?
1:29 – Design
4:21 – Display & audio
6:15 – Performance & gaming test
8:31 – Battery
9:09 – Cameras
11:05 – Byyyeeeee

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