Red Magic 8 Pro Unboxing & Gaming Review | Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Beast!

Unboxing Nubia’s Red Magic 8 Pro phone with a review of the gaming prowess, including full benchmark and testing of that Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with Genshin Impact & CODM. The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro is one of the best gamer smartphones of 2023, offering next-level performance, impressive battery life and great gaming features. Here’s all you need to know, including how it compares to the ROG Phone 6D and other big phone rivals.

ZTE’s gamer smartphone is one of the first handsets to launch globally with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and that beefcake chipset, plus the excellent ICE cooling setup, means gaming is smooth and satisfying. Genshin Impact played with a perfect frame rate, even when maxed out. Call of Duty Mobile, PubG and other competitive online games also run well on the Red Magic 8 Pro, with a full-view experience. That’s thanks to ZTE’s in-display selfie camera, as shown off on their Axon phones (which I’ve also done unboxing and review videos for).

The Red Magic 8 Pro offers up shoulder triggers and loads of other gaming features, plus the Mora assistant who’s built into Game Space. Here’s a closer look at all of that shenanigans too!

Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it
0:47 – What’s in the box?
1:54 – Design
3:43 – Red Magic OS & features
5:26 – Game Space & Mora Assistant
7:25 – Performance & gaming test
10:01 – Red Core 2
10:38 – Display & audio
12:00 – Battery life
13:19 – Cameras
14:30 – Byyyeeeee

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