RETROSTATION ANDROID Setup & Gameplay – Incredible Retro Gaming Experience!

RETROSTATION ANDROID Setup & Gameplay – Incredible Retro Gaming Experience!
– VIDEO ONLY for Educational Purposes –

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Price
00:56 Shield TV (install)
04:18 System List
06:00 PSX Emu test
07:05 Dreamcast Emu test
07:53 N64 Emu test
09:19 PSP Emu test
09:36 Arcade Emu test
10:30 32X Emu test
10:41 SNES Emu test
11:13 NEOGEO Emu test
11:40 GBA Emu test
12:03 CPS III Emu test
12:34 Redmagic 7S Pro Install
13:30 PSP Emu test
14:43 Final Thoughts

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