RINGCONN Smart Ring of Power! – HR / SPO2 / IP68/ 7 Day Battery – Better than Oura Ring 3?

Smart Ring of Power! – RINGCONN Smart Fitness Ring – Better than Oura Ring 3?

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– Step Counter
– Heart Rate 247
– Blood Oxygen 247
– Sleep Tracking
– Stress Monitrong
– Skin Temperature (Coming Soon)
– IP68 Water Resistant
– 7 Day Battery Life
– 9 Sizes (6mm – 14mm)
– Pale Gold, Moonlit Silver and Midnight Black
– Charging Case 500 mAh (18 times)
– 3-5g
– No Subscription
– Smartphone APP: Ringconn

00:00 Intro
00:15 Features
01:10 Inside the box
01:22 FREE Sizing Kit
01:52 Charging Case
02:10 Smart Ring
02:43 Battery Life
03:10 Impression
03:58 APP Walkthrough
08:20 FREE APP
08:39 Ringconn vs Oura
09:19 Medical Grade Test
10:41 Final Thoughts
11:53 Who is it for?
12:35 Which one Better?

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