ROG Phone 6 Pro Unboxing | Gaming Review, Accessories & Best New Features!

Unboxing Asus’ ROG Phone 6 Pro smartphone, with a review of the gaming performance, Game Genie features, battery life and beyond! PubG, Genshin Impact and the biggest Android titles run beautifully on the ROG Phone 6 Pro, which upgrades some of the specs and design work – for the ultimate gamer phone of 2022. It’s more powerful than the Red Magic and Black Shark, boasting a solid range of accessories like the AeroActive Cooler 6 and Kunai gamepad.

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Asus’ latest powerhouse packs in the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, which means unbeatable performance. The ROG Phone 6 Pro’s cooling tech keeps the phone from throttling, while the optional AeroActive Cooler 6 is ideal for all-day play. The Armoury Crate and Game Genie tools add in all kinds of great features, including mapping for the excellent AirTrigger buttons.

Battery life is good enough for at least three hours of Genshin Impact action, or up to six hours on less intensive titles such as Call of Duty and PubG. You also have a respectable Sony camera sensor, although the video capture was quite buggy pre-launch.

So that’s my ROG Phone 6 Pro hands-on review, are you tempted by this gaming smartphone?

ROG Phone 6 Pro Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Me banging on a bit
0:30 – What’s in the (weird) box?
1:23 – Setup
2:45 – Design
5:41 – ROG UI & features
7:04 – Armoury Crate
8:05 – Game Genie
9:08 – AirTriggers
10:37 – ROG Kunai 3
11:53 – Display & audio
14:01 – Performance & gaming
15:08 – AeroActive Cooler 6
16:47 – Connectivity
17:11 – Battery life
18:00 – Cameras
19:35 – Byyyeeeeee

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