RYMIC INIFINITY 3 Electric Bike – Massive 100KM Range – Best E-Bike Under £1000!

Reviewing the RYMIC Infinity 3 which has been designed with convenience, efficiency and affordability in mind. Priced under £1000, you can get yourself a real comfortable, modern e-bike with torque sensor and a massive 100KM range. Watch video to find out more.

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– MIVICE 250W Rear Motor
– MIVICE Torque Sensor (46nm)
– 25KM/H Max Speed
– 100KM Range
– Walk Asisatnt (6km/h)
– 3 Speeds / Pedal / Moped / Pure Electric
– 7 Speed Shimano Gears
– Tektro mechanical disc brakes
– 2.5 Hours Fast Charge
– 36V 10Ah Battery
– KENDA 27.5” Tyres – 35mm Slim profile Puncture Resistant
– 72CM Wide Handlebars
– Weight 18KG
– Max Load 150KG
– Aluminium Alloy
– Silver White

00:00 Intro
00:15 Top Features
00:57 Latest CTR News
01:22 21 Gradient Gears
01:54 Top Speed & Range
02:31 Design
03:30 Handle Bar Controls
04:02 Battery & Charging
04:31 Battery Life
05:14 Assembling the Bike
07:25 Final Thoughts
08:54 Pros & Cons
09:14 Bottom Line!

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